About Thespis

Pre-2008: Genesis of idea to teach young adults personal finance using new media, The Power of Story™, and database technologies.

2008: 4t Nox began development of Life Finances.

2009: 4t Nox delivered its alpha version of the Life Finances curriculum/courseware to a few hundred test students and began developing its Admin Dashboard.

2010: 4t Nox delivered its beta version of Life Finances to ~4,000 students and released its alpha version of the Admin Dashboard. 4t Nox LLC sold all of its assets to Thespis Media, Ltd. Co. Thespis Media/4t Nox began development of Life Finances collateral and supplemental materials.

2011: Thespis Media/4t Nox completed work on version 1 – Life Finances courseware, Admin Dashboard, and collateral / supplemental materials. The company licensed its first book FIN 001 : Personal Freedom and Finance.

2012:  Released FIN 001 : Personal Freedom and Finance and launched 4t Nox U, a new complementary personal finance site committed to providing simple, applicable, and actionable information that makes a positive impact in the lives of its members.


2013:  Released FIN 001 : A Foundation for Investing.  Initiated design for a new professional/adult defined-contribution/self-directed education program - "A Uniquely Effective Employee Benefits Program" by 4t Nox. 

2014:  A-I-M HIGH!