Features & Benefits ___________________________________________________________________________  

Applied Conceptual Framework

Thin-client Application

Blended Curriculum

Standards-based Curriculum

Standards-based Reporting

Automated Admin Tasks

Instructor’s Guide (Hardcopy)

Student Workbook (PDF)

Collateral Materials
Assignments, Readings, Daily Lesson Plans, Syllabus, Portfolio Management Contests, Info-links, L3i (Life-long Learning initiative – 4t Nox U)

Professional Production

3D Avatar Animation

Virtual Learning Environment

Customer Support
(User Guides, Phone/email Support, Experienced Educators)


Reduce IT Costs via cloud-hosting

Multiple Implementation Strategies for almost any learning environment

Granular to District-wide Reporting to improve effectiveness and evaluation

Real-time Assessment Analysis identifies remediation needs early and often

Quantify Standard Proficiency

Engaging Media, Interactive Curriculum, & Effective Methodology immerses learners and creates memory cues which improve conceptual application

Technical Preparation for College and Career that enhances Information Age competitiveness

Provide Students with a Trusted Life-long Learning initiative – 4t Nox U – which provides on-demand learning/knowledge


Empower  *  Engage  *  Educate