Custom Training Solutions

Custom Training Solutions

Custom Assessment Tools

Reduced Costs / Improved Outcomes

Thespis Media will build a customized solution for your training needs using cutting-edge development and delivery technologies, new media and age-old, effective teaching methodology.

"Exodus of a Wall Street trader"

Thespis uses The Power of Story™ to engage learners as interactive participants while developing memory cues for future recall. Applied learning is enhanced through our particular andragogical methodology and unique courseware design. Combined with a powerful proprietary database and system configuration, delivery of quality training and real-time assessment is available on-demand.

Reduce training costs, improve learning outcomes, and increase
employee morale about training by moving into the 21st century
with Thespis Media.

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The Power of Story™ - For thousands of years in diverse civilizations stories (as quick analogies, short stories, epic poems, and history sagas) have been used to chronicle history, elucidate complex concepts and teach morals. Whether fact or fiction, good stories make people think, ponder, question, and relate. From something as simple as Archimedes and his lever to something as history changing as the story of Jesus of Nazareth, and of course to a contemporary heroic tale of a former bum named Rocky, stories have been used for millennia because they are a tremendously powerful way to learn, understand, empathize, enjoy and remember.


With one picture you probably already know key parts of the story -
names, nationalities, occupations, date, location, outcome, etc.