Data-driven Decision Making


Make training more efficient and effective by leveraging Thespis Media’s assessment and reporting system.  This proprietary database design allows you to build, store, and retrieve assessments for each of your training courses. Over time, as multiple assessments are built and stored, instructors will be able to easily deliver specific assessments to specific training classes/individuals with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Thespis' system allows the trainer to create assessments, deliver them to every employee on-demand, and receive real-time results per individual standard/objective being assessed in a very user-friendly format. Additionally, these reports can be aggregated by training class, department, or location depending on particular customization features.

This real-time data allows the instructor to remediate as soon as possible for greatest effect, and to share results in a timely manner with management. Along with grading and recording each assessment, a comprehensive record for each employee can be stored and accessed from anywhere at anytime.  

The ability to improve training assessment by easily reviewing and analyzing collected data will reduce your training costs by improving the speed of analysis and remediation, and by making recordkeeping more efficient.