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4t Nox - Thespis Media’s Education Division – leverages “The Power of Story”™ and combines it with innovative new media, proven methodology and big data technologies to design and deliver engaging, interactive and cost-effective products.

Our goal is to assist our partner schools in offering students the best educational experience possible. 4t Nox products are used as primary, supplemental and complementary curriculum sources. For some schools, we are their first introduction to a blended curriculum that uses an interactive, virtual learning environment supported by a powerful assessment and reporting database. Multiple implementation methods have been established which provide flexibility for each school as districts have varying levels of technology availability and utilization experience.

Our flagship course, LIFE FINANCES, is a personal finance curriculum for high school and college students. It combines best-practice methodologies with cutting-edge technologies and professional content specialists. The content is rigorous while the narrative and characters are engaging and entertaining. Personal finance education will never be the same.

Either use it as primary or supplementary curriculum, or engage Thespis Media | 4t Nox in a more comprehensive way through our Personal Finance Hybrid Teaching Program and allow us to help you deliver to your students what we believe is the very best personal financial literacy program in the nation.   

Challenges: More demands are being placed on school systems and their teachers every year. Additional state requirements are implemented frequently, and federal requirements are becoming extensive as well. Unfunded mandates are common. Paperwork and administrative duties grow along with each additional requirement. It is truly a struggle to stretch time and money to meet all of the demands.

Solution: Utilize 4t Nox to deliver highly-engaging and effective content while automating burdensome administrative tasks, and to acquire and analyze course/student data so intervention can be delivered when it is needed and provides the most student benefit. Analyzing and reporting student achievement has never been easier or more efficient. By leveraging 4t Nox technology teachers will have more time to do what they are passionate about – teaching their students – and administrators will receive real-time accountability reports with a few easy clicks.



Efficiency Multiplied

Automated and Online:

• Content Delivery
• Assessments
• Grading
• Averaging
• Recordkeeping
• Standards-based Reporting


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