Education Publishers



4t Nox - Thespis Media’s Education Division - leverages “The Power of Story”™ and combines it with a 21st century educational methodology, new media, and powerful database technologies to design and deliver the most engaging, interactive and cost-effective educational products today.

4t Nox will work with small and large publishers alike to transform your products from dated, hard copy books, CD/DVDs, and first generation online curriculum to thin-client, digital courseware with engaging/interactive content, online assessments (delivery, grading, & averaging) and standards-based reporting.

As a behind-the-scenes designer and developer for education publishers, we encourage our clients to continue and promote their brand and content while making it relevant in this age and effective with today's digital natives.  We welcome the opportunity to build long-term relationships with new content partners. 

If you would like to learn more, please contact us via email: