Human Resources

Thespis Media has developed an award-winning personal finance course – Life Finances. The corporate version (Logs progress only, no testing functionality unless requested separately) consists of highly-interactive online courseware, participant workbooks (PDF), and a supplemental web site – 4t Nox U – which make providing premium, objective financial literacy education for your employees a cost-effective and turn-key employee benefit.

Once your organization is registered, you can add/delete employees and monitor progress from your Admin Dashboard simply and quickly with always on, anywhere, anytime access via the internet. Due to the Dashboard’s clean, streamlined and intuitive interface, there is very little, if any, training required.

Personal finance is something all employees deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, financial illiteracy is a systemic problem. The solution is to provide effective, applied, holistic financial literacy education in an engaging environment on a life-long learning platform – the Thespis Media / 4t Nox platform.

"Employee Benefits" 

As more scrutiny is being placed on 401k providers and employers, and employee education is needed and necessary, it makes sense to provide an employee benefit that will help improve the overall well-being of your employees. It is smart compliance, and it is visionary employee relations.

Let our mentoring system (AIM - Allocation and Investment Mentor) help you assist employees in learning sound portfolio management strategies. AIM was created to assist individual investors develop a systematic process when allocating their investable assets. This system turns an oftentimes frustrating, complex and time-consuming labor into a simple, turn-key approach. 

Engage us to review your 401k (403b) plan offerings and objectively develop 5 model portfolios that correspond to our allocation parameters (very conservative, moderately conservative, conservative growth, aggressive, very aggressive). Asset allocation in each portfolio is determined by a proven system developed over many years. Once these portfolios are constructed each employee will be encouraged to go through a basic quantitative "Know Thyself" assessment tool. This tool will provide a single number between 4 and 40 which employees can use as one resource when choosing a portfolio which best meets their investment needs.

To learn more about Life Finances - Corporate, or to add the program to your employee benefit plan, please contact

Annual Fees - Employee Benefits Program

A-I-M HIGH Corporate License:

Employers with 50 or more employees -

Annually renewable license: 

$12,000 - 1st year; $4,000 each year thereafter

3-year contract:

$6,000 per year; $3,500 per year for each additional 3-year contract

Employers with fewer than 50 employees -

$1,000 annual fee + $100 / year per employee

(Due within 30 days after initial set up.  Prices subject to change at contract renewal.)

+LIFE FINANCES Courseware User Licenses: 

$0 per employee per year (included in corporate license), except for individual service and support (negotiated)

(Immediate family members are included in the employee license and can use the LF courseware twice each per regular school semester.)

+4t Nox U: 

Each employee will receive one FREE annual Premium Membership to 4t Nox U ($99.99 per year stand-alone subscription price).