Thespis Media/4t Nox specializes in designing, developing, and delivering course content and curriculum, and in the process we give diligent attention to how students learn best. Although a single method of instruction may be effective for one set of students, 4t Nox utilizes multiple methodologies in order to maximize the benefits gleaned by a broad range of students with various interests, needs, and learning styles.  The courses are designed to encourage repetition as well as self-directed learning.  We use scaffolding techniques in progressive modules and continually guide the students through the discovery process.  A certain level of domain knowledge is assumed, but the assumption is always followed by direct access to domain knowledge at the point when students need to confirm their understanding of concepts.  Student self-direction, immersion, and interactivity levels will be determined by their motivation and interest in a certain topic or subtopic.  At other times the course will require at least a minimum amount of interactivity to proceed.

Our combination of teaching, self-directed learning exercises, simulated experiential tasks, and database gaming technology provides students with a flexible learning environment that addresses multiple learning styles in an interactive and fun setting.  Using this approach, we can create more “aha” opportunities for students.  These “aha” moments, when lesson usefulness clicks into meaningful focus for the students, will empower them when they draw on this understanding in their future life circumstances.

21st Century Paradigm