Life Finances

 is a Personal Finance Course/Program that teaches young adults about personal financial management in an engaging and interactive 3D Learning Environment.

Embedded in the courseware is a constantly updating virtual financial report viewable by the student and teacher that provides a “simulated score”.  Additionally, an Admin Dashboard feature provides an easily accessible, one-click, automated real-time standards report and real-time course score based on module assessments, which can be adjusted by the teacher, and which is perfect for weekly eligibility and periodic progress reports.

Life Finances is being used by public, private and religious educational institutions, and in high schools, alternative schools & colleges, as primary curriculum as well as supplementary / complementary courseware.


Thespis Media | 4t Nox Personal Finance Hybrid Teaching Program


* Personal Finance Instruction

* Investment Management Education

* Career & College Financial Readiness Forum

* Leadership Seminar

If you are an administrator tired of trying to place financial literacy somewhere in the school day (civics, reading, computer apps, home ec, etc.), looking for a flexible instructional alternative but don't want to hire additional staff, and/or seeking a premium program to prepare your students for lasting personal finance success, THEN 

HIRE Thespis Media | 4t Nox to be your personal financial literacy professional support organization. 

We teach a hybrid personal finance course (online/physical class) using our award-winning courseware - LIFE FINANCES - plus up to one full day each week on-campus, supporting the courseware and complementing the curriculum with investment management education, a career & college financial readiness forum, and a leadership seminar. 

Our instructor... 

...holds multiple certifications in the state of Oklahoma (teaching and administration);

...holds two masters degrees (MBA, M.Ed.)

...carries an active State Department of Education teaching license;

...has a decade of classroom teaching experience;

...has passed state and federal securities exams (Series 6, 7, 63 & 65);

...has worked in the financial services industry as a financial advisor; and,

...has owned a Registered Investment Advisor firm.

If you want outstanding personal finance education delivered to your students by the most qualified person within a 21st century learning environment which leverages information technology and advanced learning strategies, contact us immediately.  We are 100% focused on student success, helping your students excel at personal finance, utilize technology and embrace life-long learning. 

- Student engagement will increase -

- Outcomes will improve -

- Parents and the Board will be thankful -

- The community/patrons will be impressed -

We look forward to bringing the very best personal finance course to your district and, particularly, to your students.  Let's get to work!



                         "Reflection with Eddie" 


Teacher Quotes

"We love using Life Finances."

"Life Finances took a lot of pressure off of me when personal financial literacy was dropped into my lap." 

My kids like the change of pace and the non-traditional course design.  Most get frustrated with Eddie's shenanigans!"

"The online assessments, grading, recording, averaging and reporting allow me to spend more time working with the students and less on administrative tasks."


Student Quotes

"I learned about budgeting and how important it is not to go into debt."

"All the new terms and concepts of finance will really help me to make better decisions."

"Plan early and spend wisely."

"I thought it was good to learn how to save money and balance a budget in a virtual game that will be useful in my real life." 

"Starting investing early in life can save you a lot of money compared to waiting to get started."

"I learned to watch more carefully how to handle money and not fall into debt.  If you get a loan make sure it is for a good purpose and that you can pay it back."


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