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Thespis | 4t Nox Hybrid Teaching Program



Pricing:  (Direct inquiries to:  education@thespismedia.com)


Minimum - $15,000 per year 

$15,000 + $75 per student for each student over 200  

Secondary School

Minimum - $5,000 

$5,000 + $75 per student for each student over 100


* Personal Finance Instruction

* Investment Management Education

* Career & College Financial Readiness Forum

* Leadership Seminar

If you are an administrator tired of trying to place financial literacy somewhere in the school day (civics, reading, computer apps, home ec, etc.), looking for a flexible instructional alternative but don't want to hire additional staff, and/or seeking a premium program to prepare your students for lasting personal finance success, THEN 

HIRE Thespis Media | 4t Nox to be your personal financial literacy professional support organization. 

We teach a hybrid personal finance course (online/physical class) using our award-winning courseware - LIFE FINANCES - plus up to one full day each week on-campus, supporting the courseware and complementing the curriculum with investment management education, a career & college financial readiness forum, and a leadership seminar. 

Our instructor... 

...holds multiple certifications in the state of Oklahoma (teaching and administration);

...holds two masters degrees (MBA, M.Ed.)

...carries an active State Department of Education teaching license;

...has a decade of classroom teaching experience;

...has passed state and federal securities exams (Series 6, 7, 63 & 65);

...has worked in the financial services industry as a financial advisor; and,

...has owned a Registered Investment Advisor firm.

If you want outstanding personal finance education delivered to your students by the most qualified person within a 21st century learning environment which leverages information technology and advanced learning strategies, contact us immediately.  We are 100% focused on student success, helping your students excel at personal finance, utilize technology and embrace life-long learning. 

- Student engagement will increase -

- Outcomes will improve -

- Parents and the Board will be thankful -

- The community/patrons will be impressed -

We look forward to bringing the very best personal finance course to your district and, particularly, to your students.  Let's get to work! 

4t Nox - Life Finances (Curriculum only)

2010 Association of Educational Publishers

New Technology Winner

Personal Financial Literacy 

"Without a doubt, the best value in the industry!"

"The supplemental and complementary resources are extremely helpful."

Contact: education@thespismedia.com


Curriculum/Courseware: FREE

*Technology Platform License: $300/year/site (includes first 50 students’ admin fees)

*Student Admin Fee: $2/student/year (beginning with 51st user)

Teacher’s Edition: FREE (1 per site) (Additional copies - $35)

Student Workbook: FREE PDF ($25.00 Hard copy; min. 50 unit order)

Investing & Portfolio Management Book: FREE PDF ($10 + s/h Hard copy; min. 50 units)


Collateral Materials: Included

Graduation Gift Book:  FIN 001 : Personal Freedom & Finance


$12.99 Hard copy via Amazon

$3.99 eBook via Amazon

School Discount - $9.99 via Thespis Media, Ltd. Co. for schools that purchase Life Finances (Minimum 50 unit order)

* Purchase with Technology or Curriculum Funds



Technology Platform License –

     Due at the beginning of the school term - within 30 days of the Invoice date.

Student Administration Fee –

     Due at the end of the school year (typically, ~ June 1st – June 30th Invoice date) – within 30 days of the Invoice date.

(Can begin using as core/supplemental/complementary curriculum anytime during the year.)

If your school has unique constraints to the terms, please contact us.  We will work to make your decision to use 4t Nox products as smooth as possible, and to accommodate our partner schools as much as we can.


What you are receiving –

  • Award-winning, dynamic Personal Finance courseware
  • Administrator Dashboard program, which includes a user-friendly student management interface and our robust online assessment system:
    • Fully-Automated Assessment

      • …delivery,
      • …grading,
      • …averaging,
      • …recording, and
      • reporting.
  • Real-time Standards-based Reports with easy-to-use analytic interface
  • Student Workbooks (PDF) for all students
  • Collateral Materials, to include –
  • One hard copy Instructor’s Guide

4t Nox - Virtual Business Library

Over 75 video learning objects in 5 specific disciplines (see here)  

Embedded Q/A to begin discussion and for pointing out training principles

Accessible anywhere, anytime, on-demand

Unlimited Use

*$300 annual site license

(send purchase orders to vbs@thespismedia.com or fax to 405/703-0717)

Thespis Media | 4t Nox takes life-long learning seriously.  Knowledge is not obtained by just a course --- it is a life-long daily discipline.  We are committed to improving financial literacy and are investing substantial resources to that end, not just for a season, but on an ongoing basis.  Join us. 


“Unlocking the Vaults of Knowledge...one student at a time”